The Norwegian Epic

In June I was fortunate to go on an amazing cruise on the Norwegian Epic ship. Now I know that cruising has extreme negative connotations attached to it. But it is surprisingly peaceful and very relaxing especially for one that has a hectic London life. It gives you a chance to detach from all mobile devices (due to lack of service and very high internet charges onboard). It also gives you a chance to be onboard a boat which is like a floating hotel just BETTER.

It also gives you the benefit of not being in the same place all the time with interesting and varied destinations whilst also giving you the feeling of being on a private yacht (especially if you go with a group of good family and friends. I personally prefer the feeling of a cruise than a yacht just because the food is much tastier and varied and the space is amazing.

I travelled with my family from London to Rome to board the boast at Civitacchia pier, it was an amazing journey all through the old towns of Rome.

Screen Shot 2015-07-27 at 19.25.49
The itinerary for our cruise and all the amazing ports

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