Managing Design for Business Module

Managing Design for business

In this module I learnt how to link the concept of design to the business world. Our first project within this module was creating a real life brand experience for a store. This was first visualized when we went to Piccadilly circus and had to get a feel of the ambience and the characteristics of the location and create a ‘brand experience’ for a company that was in our chosen location of Piccadilly. As a group we chose the tourist shop ‘The Crest of London’ to base our experience on. It had many different attributes to it and the fact it was a tourist shop mean we had several dimensions to work off.

After many sessions and brainstorming we came up with the concept of a Hall of fame almost like Madame Tassauds- but based around famous people or celebrities socks. Hollwood had the walk of fame, we had the walk of socks. The final presentation was famed socks in a gallery/ walk of fame with autographs belonging to the famous sock wearers.

Within this project I learnt the skills of how important teamwork was, outr group were very tuned in with each other’s ideas and we gelled seamlessly together. All our ideas harmonized and echoed each other’s.

This module also educated me on the role of sustainability within design and what a huge part it plays within business and our society. We were given the task of writing a report on sustananbility within an industry that interested us. I chose shoes as I love shoes, I chose my friends company Aruna Seth Shoes and researched how a huge shoes brand such as Jimmy Choo or Christian Louboutin- designers that are Aruna Seth direct competition could start producing ethical shope products. Shoes that are made sustainability, comfortable, beautiful and preserve our environment at the same time. I uncovered the fact that the Stella Mccartney shoe brand produced luxury shoes and handbags ethically whereby they produced a fake leather that replicated the look and feel of real leather. The research and content of this report helped me best understand the importance of a big luxury brand and its impact on the world if it provided consumers with the choice of purchasing goods that had been ethically produced, they would actually buy as the consumer and this would all assist us in being more sustainable in our everyday lives.This would raise awareness and help our environment and others around us. This Illustrates and addresses issues affecting design practice in business arising due to various national and cultural contexts. This report helped me  design proposals within a range of contexts at a variety of levels and for a variety of purposes. I also developed own justification as to why design is vital to business.

Overall this module aided me in obtaining knowledge of what the impact of design had in the world. To be able to justify and utilise design as an operational tool within business context linking the relationship between design and business performance.


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