I managed to do an internship for the handbag company Meli Melo. This is a handbag designer based in South Kensington Central London. My position at the compant involved taking orders from the buyers from top departement stores such as Harvey Nichols, Harrods and International stores such as Bloomongdales. My job role entailed me having to go throught the stock before it was sent out and tagging and packing.

Dealing with fashion and handbags helped me to understand the vital role that design plays in capturing an audience in fashion. These bags are worn by celebrities such as Sienna Miller, Kate Midlleton and Kate Moss, yet the impact it had on the fashion world was very minute. I was able to understand the business behind branding a product.

Also in this role I used my excellent telephone manor and interpersonal skills to  liase and commuincate with with client. Connecting with a buyer is vital in this business as they are the direct link/ source to our consumer.



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