Copywriting for marketers

This topic dealt with the ability to communicate in writing through the web, direct mail, press release, billboards, blogging and how you style and word will give you a huge competitive advantage in the workplace.

The particular task that I found most challenging was writing a poster/ email to make students in my college aware of the facilities that are available in the library. I found this particularly challenging because highlighting the benefits of a library is already known. Its something that we all know about but we don’t really as we don’t ever take the time to explore these facilities. Another task included designing a new website for SKY Tv to promote there packages for the Olympics.

Each week we had guest speakers from advertising agencies, people who had their own blogs, account handlers and freelance copywriter come in each week teaching us there skills, tips and knowledge and experience of what they had learnt in their professions and its correlation.

Our final assignment was responding to a creative brief for a major company, this was SAGA a company that provides holidays to those aged 60 and over. Our brief had to make holidays seem different to others and we had to highlight this through our creative ideas and creative writing.


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