Instyle Kids: DisneyWorld Orlando Florida

I planned my sons 5th birthday party based on beauty and the best movie and I had the best time. I absolutely love the brand values of Disney and what it captures and presents from childhood to adolescence there is no boundaries. My obsession for Disney holds no bounds. I am obsessed and There is no other place to spend a vacation for kids other than DisneyWorld resort in Florida. The last 3 years Disney has been remaking all of the 90’s Disney classics and there’s a reason why. The magical essence and DNA of Disney is pure wholesome fun and nostalgic entertainment.

The resort and the parks are based in the Lake Buena Vista area of Orlando and takes up over 40,000 sq miles. There are 4 parks in total magic Kingdom, animal kingdom, Hollywood studios and Epcot. There is only one way to describe DisneyWorld and that is absolutely incredible.

Filling up on breakfast before DisneyWorld at the Waldorf Dining room

planning a trip to DisneyWorld you must be prepared it is not an easy feat that’s for sure. From the trip tickets to where your going to stay to what your going to wear can be overwhelming.

There are only 2 options of where to stay at Disney- Waldorf Astoria or the Four seasons. Personally I love the Waldorf Astoria as it’s a great price point and has a very classic and old traditional feeling. It’s an old fashioned luxurious classic property.

The hotel provides a beautiful buffet breakfast in the morning filled with Krispy Kreme doughnuts and it plays music from the 50’s evoking elements from the Waldorf Astoria in New York. they also have the most equipped juice station with fresh colds pressed juices served every morning that just taste divine. you can also get Mickey Mouse pancakes on request if you ask nicely :)))

The pool area is extensive with a main pool area with private cabanas and a pool at Hilton Bonnet Creek interconnecting that also has a lazy river.


There are a total of 4 parks but my absolute favourite has to be the Disney Hollywood studios which is based on old school glamour of Hollywood. It is a little bit of Sunset Blvd in Orlando. And it has the most amazing food restaurant in the form of ‘The Old Derby” with the most incredible food and cocktails. I had the cobb salad which was identical to the Beverly Hills Macarthy. The brown Derby was a restaurant in the 50’s and was famous for a roster of stars such as Shirley temple where the famed cocktail came from as she was underage to drink and would sneak to the Brown Derby at age 11. So they would make the Shirley Temple cocktail just for her – a little grenadine with ginger ale.

The magic kingdom is especially special as it’s the original Disney park with the cartoon characters.

If you can book a special Halloween mickeys not so scary Halloween party night where the park closes at 12. You will catch an incredible one off parade that lasts for 39 minutes and hosts a roster of Halloween characters and costumes And you get to collect candy at candy points all over the park and the most craziest costumes you will see. You can get to the park by monorail or by boat and the coolest way to get to the park is by the boat.

Taking the boat to the Magic Kingdom

The rides I would recommend is the The new toy story land at the Hollywood studios with the amazing toy story slinky rollercoaster. Make sure you visit the Aerosmith rollercoaster and the Hollywood tower of terror.

Be our guest is the most beautiful captivating restaurant in the magic kingdom park. The restaurant brings the beasts castle from beauty and beast to life and is breathtaking the restaurant features beautiful setting and even more incredible food such as great pasta and steak selection. you also get to meet the beast who is so charming!!!! The signature songs play from the actual movie and I actually felt like I was in the Movie that’s how incredible the castle is with realistic snow also flaying against the windows.

Make sure you do fastpass

Disney has now enabled fast pass on all tickets which makes it easier to go on all the rides at scheduled timings and not queue. Also if your travelling with another adult and you can’t go on all together you can do an instant fast pass for your 2nd visit.

Master Jabin Toy Story Mania

Comfortable shoes

In theory Disney sounds great but the reality is you are essentially walking around the magical parks for at least 8 hours with queue Upto an hour on most rides. So make sure you wear comfortable shoes. Flip flops are good as are a good pair of Nike air or converse and don’t forgot your ears!!!!


Disney has made picture taking all so easy at the park with professional photographers all over the park. You can literally take pictures everywhere and anywhere with the app you can then log in and see all your pictures and it’s around $200 for the all your professional pictures and the pictures are limitless so make sure you download the Disney app prior to going.

Disney app

There is now The Disney app that is incredible in that you can book and reserve your dinner reservation in the park prior visiting the park via the app. Purchase your pictures and also buy all your park tickets including an annual pass that deducts your one time ticket from the annual pass holder.

Book your Disney dream trip for your next holiday with the kids or even with your friends. You will not be disappointed.

La Fin x

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