Instyle: Doughnut Time

The old days of Dunkin Doughnuts is thoroughly done. There is a new Doughnut craze that has hit london Town and that’s Doughnut time.

The Brisbane based doughnut shop launched in london late 2017 and has created a niche for ‘designer doughnuts’ specially hand dipped. With seasonal names for there doughnuts they are named after celebrities with this Easter’s Doughnut being named the ‘Egg Sheeran’.

The menu changes weekly depending on the time of the year. The doughnuts are truest scrumptious and highly addictive. The doughnuts are freshly and lovingly made with flour, butter, full cream milk, vanilla, salt and sugar. The glazes vary, depending on the flavour.

My personal favourites are the Percy Pig and the Kinder Egg 🙂 They Also make vegan versions of their doughnuts. The coolest doughnut kiosks have branches in Portobello, Shaftesbury Avenue and Victoria. The kiosks feature supercool neons and look amazing.

Doughnut Time also do personalised doughnuts for special events.

La Fin x

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