How to throw a Royal Party

This years the planning is underway for my sons birthday party. I don’t know where to start. I usually start planning and prepping 4 weeks ahead. Last year I left it literally to a week before the main event. The Sunday prior the main event I luckily attended a kids afternoon tea at the Lanesborough and met the fabulous Antoinette Letteri head of events at the hotel. Antoinette is the Queen of all events in the Belgravia Room. Lucky the weekend of the party was the Royal Wedding.

The Little Tea Party was enchanting beautiful and in attended were the most adorable Princes and Princesses. Antoinette Leterri (mastermind of the most beautiful events) discussed with me the best children’s party planners in London. Notorious kids came up her number 1 recommendation.

Notorious kids are headed by Victoria Pearce who is extremely hands on. She has everything prepared before you mention it.

I would recommend you curate a mood board of visions and ideas. It could be anything from balloon colours, to cutlery crowns. I chose this picture of Blake Lively and another of Antoinette’s NOA jewellery event at the Lanesborough. The colours of the balloon and the colour combinations totally put my vision to reality. It could be anything from a movie that inspires you. Last year I watched the New Beauty and The Beast movie and we loved it so much we decided that was the theme.

The NOA jewellery event at The Lanesborough

The outfit

Always prepare and have your outfits prepared. I highly recommend Little Bevan in Battersea for the most beautiful children’s attire. Everything is silk and there is a range of the most beautiful colours. Pastel greens and Pastel pinks. Sarah Colfer is the lady to see, she is extremely hands on and makes everything bespoke and to fit. She can make everything and anything. She has been hand making my sons event garments since he was a baba.

Party Planners

If the budget allows I highly recommend that you hire a party planner. Peregrine at Bentleys Entertainment is the most charming planner and he has the Collect quirky office based in Battersea to discuss and implement your requirements and Notorious Kids are great. The all provide great entertainment-

For mummy’s

I always recommend going to either portobello or going to sample sales to make something extra special. Once I went to a sample sale and got a Roberto Cavalli dress for £40. Make sure whatever it is it’s preferably long and very comfortable.

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