Instyle: Happy International Women’s Day We Can!!!

It was International Day of the girl yesterday. Celebrating women and the power of girls. As it comes upto the 1 year anniversary of Starting my business and brand ‘Habsburg & Bourbon. I thought I would lift the lid and share my story with you. I haven’t been able to update this blog as much as I would have liked to within the last few months. This is because having a business and building a brand is one of the hardest things I have encountered. It takes severe inner strength, daily prayer, a daily aversion to Bulls**t people and a thick skin.

Be prepared to encounter a roller coaster of a wave if it’s something that you choose to do. It’s highly rewarding in many ways and extremely challenging. Reflecting back over the 1 year I can say I do not regret a thing. I can also heavily advise do not get involved with any type of business for the extrinsic value as you don’t see rewards or profits for a while but you have to do it because it’s personally rewarding to you. You have to Be so motivated to do this for yourself and only for you. What is going to get you up in the morning ? What is going to drive you ?

Intrinsic vs Extrinsic Motivation

You also have to surround yourself with like minded people who share the same mindsets as you and the same dreams and aspirations. Also it’s good to use social media to follow people/ figures who inspire you whether it be in business or life. I keep framed pictures and books around me of people who inspire and motivate me. I personally love and admire Kimora Lee Simmons for her strong work ethic, her brand building and her unwilling relentless notion of failure.

Tips for surviving your first year of Business:

  • Make sure you get a good graphic designer to help build your brand, develop your website and merchandise. It really important. I had to go through several design changes and disappointments before coming up with my logo and design.
  • Prepare your brand pack – this will help define your product or service for your landlord if you choose to take a shop lease which will give you more of a chance of negotiating a good relationship and rent with your landlord
  • Decode your brand. Do your research on your brand and the connotations behind it.
  • If it’s a service think about the fit out – the costs involved and what you can cut back on and what you can splurge on. Make sure you know your market and study it profusely. Reach out to people
  • Build a strong team – business doesn’t Remove negative people but add plenty of positive and inspiring ones to improve your mood and increase your ability to recognize positive energy vs. negative without a good honest team. If you sense nonsense people get rid of them straight away! Remove negative people but add plenty of positive and inspiring ones to improve your mood and increase your ability to recognise positive energy vs negative.
  • Be prepared to haemorrhage money
    Don’t give it 5 minutes if your not prepared to give it 5 years- it’s not going to work
    Sell your story, make your life and story a design template for your brand
    Don’t conform to follow or fit into the template of other brands because you feel pressure. Stay true to you and what is strong to you and your Brands identity
    Keep your Work spaces filled with things that uplift and motivate you; I love roses, framed pictures and books.
    Lastly – Be the change you want to see in the world and try to enjoy the process !!!!

La Fin X

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