Make it a Regal Year

As we start What are your top highlights from last year? When we look at a snapshot of our top moments in pagination – what stands out to you and why? I started this blog in 2013 as part of one of my core modules. Although sporadic with my entries; I have found that to keep a diary not only for myself essential, but to also embrace those milestones and things that I love to do and to look back on; Make a regal life where you only attract the best and be the best version of yourself.

I went to meet several entrepreneurial women in business meetings. Meeting women like Victoria Beckham, Kimora Lee Simmons, Zandra Rhodes, Charlotte Olympia, Amanda wakely, Amanda shulman and Cindy Crawford. Hearing there stories, there design processes, from how they start a collection and just juggle everything, I found these women so inspiring to meet and talk to.

My graduation

I was able to graduate from my masters in Luxury Brand Management. It also gave me the most memorable experience on my MA meeting amazing group of women. A lovely group of women who all support each other and we just all really got on.

From gradating I was then able to start the process to begin my business. I think I haven’t actually had a chance to reflect and really take it all in as it’s been a whirlwind. Anything you may do … whether it’s a course or a new business Venture- the independence and self worth that you feel when you do something that demonstrates your passions and your abilities is mind blowing. My major was branding; building a brand is about pulling things out that represent you and your brand

I got the absolute pleasure this year to work with Ladies of London star Sophie Stanbury. Who shared so much of her in depth knowledge and her experience of design with me. Sophie came on board to help me with my project – and was literally there to help me with elevations, instructions and helped me to brand build. Her visualisation and her passion for her craft was extremely inspiring to me.

Working with Sophie was a complete mind blowing experience

I definitely learnt that Sometimes it’s the people who you don’t know who will come out to support you. I couldn’t have asked for such better women who were unbelievably professional and passionate for life. Thank you.

Whatever you do this year – do everything with your heart, soul and passion. Don’t just do something because you think others are doing it. Remember to always make whatever you do Regalđź‘‘

La Fin X


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