1st December: Christmas is coming

It is officially Christmas time Darlings! Christmas in London is so super Special and especially in London. Whether you are doing something special with the children, going out with friends, sightseeing there is so much legendary stuff to do. I have compiled a list of amazing beautiful things to do.

1. Selfridges – Selfridges store displays and lights are just incredible.

2. Go to the Ritz – The Ritz is one of the most precious places to go at Christmas. The tree is adorned with the most beautiful decor.

3. Go and visit Santa at harrods- No Santa can compare to the one at Harrods.

4. Lunch at Aubaine – it’s always great to stop off for a quick lunch at Aubaine whilst shopping for all your bits and bobs for Christmas. Everything is organically fresh and french.

5. Afternoon Tea at the Berkeley – Nowwhere in London beats this afternoon tea

5. Go to Winter Wonderland- winter wonderland is a haven of rides, magical food and the most amazing mulled wine and hot dogs

6. Burberry scarf- Christmas in London is amazing and it’s even more amazing with a traditional Burberry Scarf. When you buy buy a scarf at Burberry you can also get your initials embroidered.

La Fin X

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