Instyle: Habsburg Darling!

Habsburg & Bourbon is a blowbar that aims to fill a gap within the blowbar market. It’s fun, quirky and a luxury lifestyle Brand inspired by Meghan Hess. It also draws on influences from Marie Antoinette, France and fabulosity – it’s a place for women to celebrate the diamonds that we really are. Habsburg & Bourbon is a brand that is about being Fabulous, driven and simply mastering something that your good at and being the best you can be at it.  

Freshly cut Avalanche flowers at the reception desk

We all have so many things that we love in luxury whether it be our favourite candle, our favourite shop or website they all incorporate touchpoints that makes us buy into them. Designed by Ladies of London star Sophie Stanbury, Stanbury helped to design the First location in Fulham. Using her magical flair of keeping things simple classy and beautiful.

You can’t sit with us

Habsburg & Bourbon perfects this to an art with its Balmain Products neatly presented in cake stands, beautiful pink soft avalanche flowers presented in a champgane trug, it’s beautiful reception and warm customer service. The room is filled with the aroma of rose Dipitique candles and Bella Freud eucalyptus candles and then you press for Champagne:) Let’s also not forget the Chabonnel & Walker Painted walls.

Let them eat Balmain 🙂

With this months offer of blowouts for only £25, go and check Habsburg & Bourbon out. You just have to go Darlings:)

The team

3 Farm Lane SW6 1PU

La Fin X

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