Design: Designing and refitting a space

Designing a space is extremely complex and can be somewhat draining. It’s just not about colours and paint and fitting units. It’s about the overall look and how you are going to apply design theory and bring Magic to this space. After taking a module in design management at Regents a few years back Design Thinking modules really came in handy here 🙂 

I am totally obsessed with pretty and beautiful spaces. I like a space that encorportes a mix of several palettes I.e to fuse the old with the new. I am aware now that vintage and modern design can coexist and look and feel great 

First things first is to design your colour Pallette and make sure everything corresponds. Make sure you visit every trade show possible to link with designers and people in your field. And make sure whether it’s a dinner party you link with like minded people and designers. I recently sat next to a lovely lady who owned her own furnitre business at a dinner party who was so helpful on advise and clear on what works and what does not. I went to see her for coffee and my pink stripes got a time out 🙂

Make sure you visit every design centre to pick up ideas, fuse ideas and look at different fabrics, textures and colours. Ask people about the durability of paints, quality and fabrics. What is an evident colour within your mind might not necessarily look good in reality. Tones and palettes differ somewhat. I highly recommend when you design any space that you hire an interior designer and it doesn’t have to be an expensive one; but they must understand your needs and your preferences; and be willing to put in the actual hard work. Hiring the right designer can take so much off your workload and enhance your project. Don’t just go for someone who has a name and fills there page with 1000 spaces they have done ; go for someone who has the in depth knowledge looking for a workable challenge. 

Create sketches and create mood boards using canvases to just pin your ideas down and your fabrics. This will really help to define your project and If need be it is okay to carry 1000 fabric samples with you to colour match. Also remember that different fabrics look different in different lighting. Be passionate about your project and apply attention to detail as this could be your calling card for the next step of your business /life/ project. Go on eBay and look for things that are one off , electic and recover in your favoured upholstery. 

Colour matching at Sketch

I have really learnt recently that it is not just about choosing the most obivious but about making the right choice. For instance designers guild do great fabrics; there around £70 a metre for a good quality velvet fabric. But you can find other brands that are a fraction of the cost That look just as good. I really love the brand Clarke and Clarke who do great velvets priced from just £14 a metre which in my opinion are equally as good. 

The Alvar range of priced from £14 a metre which is incredible value
It is okay to take your samples wherever you go

If you like places that you go to take pictures of places and locations and place them on your folder on your phone so you can always revert back. I love the Beverly Hills hotel so luckily I have pictures there and so many memories in my mind; if I think of one thing my mind just transcendeds the the service , food, the decor the space. 

Farrow & Balls pigments and quality is unbeatable
Get sample pots of every paint , get painting the walls paint tiles, paint card swatches !! Paint wherever, whenever. I recently discovered that Dulux literally match any colour that you want. I am obsessed with the Charbonnel et Walker chocolates. So I took the box in and Dulux colour matched my box; 

My new paint pot 🙂

Chabonel et Walker inspired pink walls
Whatever you choose for your design project make sure that it best represents aspects of you as a brand / person. Some spaces are designed so great they have no soul or personality. You want a space that is luxurious, welcoming, accessible yet relatable.

La Fin X

Matching wallpaper to tiles to paint is a tricky and demanding task
Do create mood boards of spaces that you love to design your space
Sketch was the inspiration behind my current design project
Pin and stick everything to anything to create your space will help formulate your final designs
Matching my fabric swatch to my wallpaper


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