Luxe: electic Wallpaper 

After recently having to decide between a million and one wallpapers for a recent design project. I have become absolutely obsessed with beautifully designed wallpaper. A particular brand that really does it for me is the traditional English branded wallpaper “Cole & Son”. I also really like the De Gournay brand and am absolutely obsessed with their new matching Azzuaura shoes and wallpaper.

But back to Cole and Son Wallpapers 🙂 they  are the Manufacturers of fine printed wallpapers since 1875. They carry a range of 1500 hand block printed wallpapers. The quality and definition in each roll and pattern are just incredible. It’s great to if like me you like hand painted murals. The technique used to make each roll incorporates block printing. Cole & Son wallpaper collections represent styles across the centuries and include some of the most historic wallpaper designs in the world. Cole & Sons are also the official provider for wallpaper for many historic houses including Buckingham Palace.

Cole & Son, De Gournay and The House of Hackney are all really amazing good quality brands for great wallpaper. 

Here are a selection of wallpapers that I am currently obsessed with. Look away now if you have an adversion to palm prints or If you don’t like palm tress then please look away now:) 

  1. Cole & Son, The majestic stripe: I love anything Beverly Hills hotel inspired so the white and pink candy coloured stripes get me all the time. Even though I have been told this looks like a little girls wallpaper I love it! 
  2. Cole & Son, Palmeral Jungle: Again anything to do with Beverly Hills – this palmeral print paper just takes you right to the polo lounge with a Cobb Salad 🙂
  3. Cole & Son, Hicks Hexagon: A classic traditional clean Print that will never date and will always Remain a true classic.
  4. Albany, The flamingo wallpaper: This wallpaper looks almost like it’s been painted in. It has a bevelled and unique texture to each flamingo and the colours are really rich, thick and luxurious. Retailing at around £18 per roll it’s also amazingly cheap ! 
  5. House of Hackney, Palmeral: if the budget for your project holds no bounds then this is the ultimate palmeral print. Featuring leafy green palm tress. Priced at a hefty £165 a roll this is definitely more for a centre piece wall.
  6. Martinique, The Original bannana leaf wallpaper: accept no substitutes. This is the absolute creme de le creme of wallpapers. The oroginal banana leaf Print that has been used for over 100 years at the Beverly Hills Hotel. This wallpaper is EVERYTHING and extremely iconic. 
  7. De Gournay & Azzuarua Amazonia’ references several of de Gournay’s own collections, in addition to diverse source material collated by Osorio: including 19th century botanical illustrations and the florid artworks of painter Juan Gatti. Against an exquisite pink ground of antiqued painted silk, inspired by tones upon the Palazzo walls of Aquazzura’s Florentine headquarters, a dazzling array of flora and fauna are depicted amidst verdant palms and banana leaf plants. Toucan’s, Lovebirds, Parrots and Macaws fill the branches alongside jewel toned serpents, decorative butterflies and swinging monkeys – a scene of intricate splendour rendered entirely by hand. This is a very pricey paper so be prepared …. The hand painted ‘Amazonia’ Chinoiserie wallpaper created by Aquazurra and de Gournay is available from de Gournay showrooms worldwide from £ 1,400 per panel.

For your next big design project. Make sure you check out:

La Fin X


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