Instyle: Assemetric necklines 

The neckline of this year has to be the Assemetric shape. The deconstruction and manipulation of a mans shirt to create an off the shoulder look has definitely become a distinguished neckline that is so flattering on everybody. 

Shooting with a self portrait dress

With what started with designers such as Joanna Ortiz making beautiful ruffled necklines priced at a hefty price point. We have to be thankful to Mr Self Portriat for Creating a range of shirts and dresses that use assemetric shaped necklines that are however purse friendly.

Self Portrait asymmetrical seersucker dress
Pink Asseymtrical dress as seen on Self Portraits Autumn 2016 catwalk show
Self Portrait has absolutely outdone himself using beautiful structured fabrics using a combination of fabrics featuring crepe, cotton and textured fabrics to create one off pieces and dresses that really fit and look amazing. 
Joanna Ortiz 2016 collection

What’s amazing with the shirts is that they can go with absolutely anything. It can be paired down with a army short or instantly glamorised with a silk skirt.

Easily adaptable

Shop the range of asymmetrical dresses through Mr Self Portait.

La Fin x 

Blogger inspired asymmetric Neckline

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