Instyle: Casa Casuarana

The gardens in Villa Casurina

Villa casurana is a beautiful boutique hotel located in the ocean Drive district in Miami. Designed by the iconic versace and constructed in 1932. The villa is an absolute masterpiece, preserved to its original design and features from its refurbishment in the 90’s. The hotel features 11 suites, The Villa Giannis Restarunt and a 24 karat gold lined pool. The property is simply breathtaking. An absolute vision and beyond.

The 24 karat gold lined 54ft swimming pool

The suites are everything and more. From the moment you enter the iron gates you are surrounded by the most beautiful interiors and history. All furnishings and furniture has been kept intact from 20 years ago. The attention to detail in the mansion is impeccable and has been preserved.

The Venus suite master bedroom
The bathrooms all feature a puff to sit on

There is nothing to compare to this phenomal world that is Versace. The 11 suites are all named individually; the empire suit, the signature suite, the parrot suite to name a few. The hotel was Turned into a boutique hotel in 2014. The hotel brought glamour back with a fun filled New Years party 2014 featuring an array of Stars and models.

Kim K at the Versace mansion
Beyonce at the 2014 New year party at the mansion
Beyonce and Blue in The Venus Suite
Mosaic Tile Flooring at Casa Casurina

The mosaic tiles on the floor are Prints and patterns. The villa was originally built in the 1930s by architect Alden Freeman as an homage to the oldest existing house in the western hemisphere in Santo Domingo based on Christopher Columbus house.

Views from the rooms overlook the mosaic pools

Each suite at the mansion has a private balcony and despite some adaptations, the designer’s contributions to the property’s aesthetic remain the same. Each room at the property is unique and has been uniquely furnished with unique matching furniture;  including beds that are so large they need custom-made sheets.
The 10-suite hotel features a 54ft “thousand mosaic” swimming pool which is lined in 24 carat gold and was designed by Versace; the meals at Giannis restaurant are served on Versace-designed Rosenthal china and lavishly finished interiors retain features and decorative elements introduced during his time living at the property. Each lamp is intact, each blanket on the bed. The beds are so big that you feel as if you are in a small boat not a bed.

The children’s room: The Parrot Suite

The smallest room is the 434sq ft Medallion Suite; the largest, the 1,428sq ft Venus Suite, features vivid murals and offers views of Ocean Drive from its two private balconies. Versace’s former bedroom now serves as the 1,174sq ft Villa Suite and features a nine-foot double king-size bed, two balconies and an ornate over-sized shower. All suites have oversized Italian marble bathrooms and Egyptian cotton bed linen; 

The Venus suite

The Venus suite is my favoured suite; and the largest in the villa. The room features 2 large walk in closets and ample closet space and drawers for the duration of your stay. It is the perfect little apartment and features so much attention to detail.

The 24 karot pool

Each room holds a history and Story and each room has hand painted murials throughout the property. The staff are friendly and kind. They will always stop and explain elements about the property and where the inspiration came from. 

The 54ft mosaic pool

When Versace purchased the property in 1992. The couturier added a 6,100-square-foot south wing to the property and covered the courtyard in thousands upon thousands of individual mosaic tiles. There is so much history at the property.

Venus suite 1 of 2 walk in wardrobes
The cabinetry and walk in wardrobes of the Venus suite
The bathrooms are made from marble imported from Italy

What’s also great is because it is a boutique hotel you can sunbathe in peace and the pool is very rarely busy. 

Casa Casurina is a must see for those interested in art , fashion, culture and history. The property fuses history of art interiors and fashion together in a way that is simply stunning. The attention to detail gives you the upmost enjoyable and memorable experience. 

The best hotel in South Beach hands down. 

La Fin X


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