How to dress a Master: Gucci Kids

Guccio Gucci was born in 1881 in Florence, Italy. Gucci opened up his first shop in 1921 and became known for quality leathergoods and fine craftsmanship. 

His four sons also joined the Gucci firm. In 1953, the year Guccio Gucci died, they opened their first store. Gucci has been synonymous with luxury detailing tailoring for over 5 decades. The Gucci Kids collection launched its mini me range in 2010 featuring wellingtons, tshirts, jeans and hats using Jennifer Lopez as a forefront for the campaign.

The Spring/Summer 2011 collection

The Gucci kids collection was conceived by creative director Frida Giannini and debuted in November 2010. Jennifer Lopez launched the first camp laugh featuring her twin babies. See the link below for the launch of the first Gucci campaign below:

Gucci Blazer partnered with riding boots, Blazer and matching belt

The collection uses its staple logo subtlety and uses good quality fabrics and everything is manufactured and tailored in Italy.

Blue Ivy’s Epic Gucci suit

The shoes fit well and are bespoke and last for ages. The shoes are also comfortable and bode well on the feet. They are great for packing for a weekend trip as they also come with a silk shoe bag:) 

Gucci great for packing for a weekend getaway

Its not just jet-setting tots that benefit from the Gucci Kids line: In honor of its children’s collection and philanthropy. Gucci Has a continued approach to philanthropy Through its Chime for Change Global program helping women all over the world. To launch its Children’s line it  made a $1 million donation to UNICEF’s Schools for Africa program, which served to construct more schools there.

Shop the Gucci Collection via Childsplay

The shirts are favourable over other luxury branded children’swear as there an almost silk cotton compilation and wash and iron like new after each wear. The shoes are also great especially the loafers as they are so comfortable and come in an array of colours and leathers and they are Elasticated Thereby allowing room for growth and comfort.

We love the Gucci Loafers
The collection also compromises amazing fit in blazers and tailored suits. This seasons must have for boys and girls are these amazing Gucci riding boots. There durable for all weathers and are also comfortable and elegant. This seasons Gucci navy blue wool blazer is also amazing And incredible and durable quality with beautiful red detailing and Lacquered crested  buttons. The amazing thing about Gucci Kids is that you can have 1 item and it makes a whole outfit.



Shop our Gucci collection now through Childsplay:

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