LUXE: ShowDry

SHOW Dry Beach-wave is just one of the many styles on offer
Last week I escaped and had the most incredible Brand experience at SHOW Dry, Notting Hill. If you want to escape and experience pure heaven then SHOW DRY is the place to go. I have been for several blow dries over the years, but this Brand is definitely Number 1 in its product offering. Nowhere quite tops the exquisite product and experience that SHOWDRY does. From start to finish you are treated like a VIP and you get a glimpse of pure luxury for 60 minutes. Or if you prefer and pressed for time an ‘express’ service offers a 20 minute alternate quickie blow-dry. The salon also specialises in braids, updos and fishtails.

The SHOW DRY Salon is nestled in the heart of Notting Hill
SHOW dry is the brainchild of yummy mummy and entrepreneur Tamara. Capitalising on the success of the thriving Blowdry Bar industry, blowdrys are disrupting the salon business. Perfecting their craft is at the heart of the brand experience at SHOW making Tamara’s experience of her Blow Dry accessible to all. Blow Dry Bars are The Beauty Industry’s Hottest Affordable Luxury Trend right now. They are fast becoming the replacement for regular everyday salons, especially Concept stores that offer an exquisite ‘Brand Experience’ like SHOW Dry does.

SHOW DRY takes on a competitive business environment entering the the niche market of Blow Dry Bars
The product in question; a ‘Blow Dry’ is an intangiable product. As opposed to a tangible product that is ‘perceptive by touch and physical entity’. An intangible product is one that differs from tangiable which is a product that can only be experienced through our senses directly – seen, touched, smelt as well as tested. Blow Drys give an experience that I believe brings women together from a teenager to a housewive to a CEO, giving them a place they can relax, chat, and come out feeling like a new person. The product features of a blow dry satisfy a market need in a specific niche market; the blowdry is a subset to hairdressing and styling, ultimately the end result of your salon appointment. This market niche segment has had impact and has created a global market trend. Impacting the demographics and generating a new emerging market; The Blow Dry salon.

Chair massage during hairwash
Beautiful Pictures adorn the salon, this is my view from my hair wash
Tamara has entered a competitive market but she has captured, perfected and packaged this experience immaculately.  The experience is honestly out of this world at SHOW. The staff are polite, welcoming and friendly. Most of all it is an extremely child friendly environment welcoming children with a hamper full of nappies in the bathroom. There is also strawberry and banana smoothies on offer targeted at children or if you prefer the obligatory Babychino. This is probably why Tamara plans to expand her empire by entering the children’s market soon.

Refreshments & Nibbles Menu accessed through each workstation IPad
SHOWs accompanying Product Line SHOW
The aesthetics of the SHOW Blow dry bar feature its signature Branded colours; Black and Rose Gold with a dash of subtle sparkle. Round mauve coloured bowls filled with the most beautiful pink and pastel roses adorn the main reception, tables, surfaces and basins throughout the space. Rose Gold shelves lined with Crystal bottles with Swarovski crystal lids featuring SHOWS accompanying Product Line are the main feature as you walk in. I must admit I was really skeptical about the SHOW products. Just because the packaging is so pretty and it is hard to move away from the brands that your used to using. I was completely surprised at how good the accompanying products performed and sustained the durability of the blow dry. They were also very light and enhanced my colour and smelt divine. Honestly my blow dry lasted 5 days and at home could easily be revived with the blast of my dryer

Incredible SHOW stopping experience
My stylist advised me the products contain Rose Water and Rosewood, combined with middle notes of Caramel and Almond Butter, with base notes containing Vanilla, Tonka Bean and Patchouli. The scent was incredible as it was light and not overpowering. I tested the hair oil and it was so incredibly light; this product and the Dry shampoo are SHOWS star products. The volumising spray used during my blowout was also not sticky like most. My treatment kicked of with a consultation before we headed downstairs to the basin emporium level. As I had my hair washed I smiled as I listened to the amazing playlist, not pumping with manic Ibiza tunes. But classy 70’s music such as Chic and soulful music filled my ears as I turned my massage chair ‘on’.

The basins at show are complimented by vases of pastel roses enhancing the SHOW Dry Brand Experience
Each Rose Gold station features an iPad and a charging station. The iPads are multitasking and don’t just offer WIFI. As you are treated to your Blowdry you can sit back and catch up on all your magazines such as Tatler, Vogue and Stylist magazine. The iPads also feature a complete food and beverage menu at the touch of a swipe. I honestly thought I was in Beverly Hills for the duration of my time at the salon. The menu offers fresh organic salads such as a crunchy Kale salad or simple Caesar from organic brand Daylesford using locally produced produce whilst you have your service. You can also have a selection of Nibbles from popcorn, macaroons or a GAILs Chocolate Brownie.

Organic Salads from Daylesford Farm are freshly made and served at your chair
The beverage menu features everything from Barista made Espresso and Champagne to the most amazing tasting fresh green juice I have tasted. I was asked what I would like to drink after deciding on a juice by recommendation from my stylist, Bee the beautiful hostess at SHOW asked me what vegetables I favoured and made me a concoction of Spinach, Honey and Ginger. Presentation is everything at SHOW, they can tailor make you a personalised juice as everything is freshly prepared on site. It was the most purest exquisite fresh juice I have had in a long time.

Tailor Made Juices and any beverage is on offer prior and during your treatment 
Pink roses in an array of pinks and pastels are dotted all over the salon in mauve glass vases. Pink roses are symbolism for innocence and Love. Pink carries connotations of grace and elegance, as well as sweetness and poetic romance. They uplift your senses  throughout the whole experience.

Pink Flowers make you feel feminine, girly and exquisite
SHOW DRY also has affiliations with Neighbouring Luxury Brands such as BLINK eyebrows, BODYISM Clean & Lean Supplements and nearby lounge Beach Blanket Babylon. They run promotions each month that accompany your blow dry service. On the I day went to SHOW, they were running a promotion whereby when I purchased the Dry Shampoo I got a complimentary eyebrow shape at BLINK eyebrows.

Left feeling amazing
I left SHOW feeling like I had escaped, there is no place like it… It is an amazing experience from start to finish you will be blown away. Escape to paradise for a SHOW GLOW.

SHOW is open 7am – 8pm daily.

La Fin X


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