Children’s World: Jacadi & The City 

The French Indulgent Taste of Childhood. Be transported into the Magical world of Jacadi

Transformed into a world of Pure Imagination
This week we were transported into a world of ‘Pure Imagination’ Willy Wonka would have been proud of. I got a chance to experience the new Jacardi AW16 collection at its new store opening in Richmond. A Chocolate fountain was the centrepiece with the French collection as a backdrop with our very own Oompa Lumpa. 

We found Oompa; MJ wears ‘Little Bevan Couture’
The beautiful new Jacadi store
Jacadi is a very personal brand to me as it’s a brand that I grew up on. Jacadi was a very elegant and classical brand in London in the 90’s. It is a quintessential French Childrenswear brand that designs elegant and timelesss Pieces. The cut on its trousers is an extremely slim fit and French Parisian look and style. 
Jacadi store is extremely well organised and categorised by occasion and age
Corduroy and Chinos are the trend this season
Jacadis enchanting collection combines French style with the highest quality of materials and delivers a craftsmanship unique to its brand. 

The fit on the Jacadi jean is a slim cut and French tailored look

The AW16 collection is inspired by French artistic cultural heritage touching on trends such as barouque utilitarian and florals. The girls collections features this with blouses with a pink utilitarian collar. Jacadi is a French brand created originally in the 1970’s specialising in authentic and timeless children’s fashion and nursery items. Jacadi takes French fashion and interprets it continually, it reflects tradition and heritage through its shift dresses and blazers that present a understated graceful style. Jacadi constructs timeless pieces that build a great uniform wardrobe for ages 0-12 years. 

Jacadis wonderland
Jacadi & The Chocolate Fountain
The shop provides an easy approach to shopping with sections dedicated to each collection, age and occasion. The baby collection has an array of easy to wear dresses; babygrows and pinafores. This season the focus for Jacadi is on a winter wardrobe consisting of the Classic staples of cashmere, corduroy, scallop edging and Peter Pan collars to enhance the French Flair.

Jacadi features beautiful French inspired shoes and boots

There is also going to be the upcoming launch of the Madmoilselle Jacadi range which having previewed can say is like the Chanel for girls. Featuring florals and nauticals much like the camelias. This is a range that has been inspired by the core DNA of what Jacadi is – ‘The French Indulgent Taste of Childhood’. 

‘Mademoiselle Jacadi” coming soon

The store also features a really beautiful nursery range, acessories and nursery furniture, toys and the most amazing children’s perfume I have ever smelt.

Jacadi Perfume station
The jeans and the Corduroys are a great fit and excellent quality. They are also at a great Entry level price point of £29. Which is a really good Price for the quality of the denim used in the jean. If you go to the Jacadi store today you get to open a Willy Wonka chocolate bar and get a discount on your purchases.

La Fin X

P.S Parental Advisory chocolate fountains and cream silk do not mix well

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