Shoe Candy: Alaia Bomb Pom Pom shoes 

Alaia shoes have to be the most amazing fit in shoes. I feel that they are superior to most design of shoes as their design and conctruction is well structured and they are extremely comfortable. 

My obsession and favorite style has to be the Alaia Bomb sandal style. These shoes are a sandal with two straps: 4 Pom pops adorn the front strap whilst 8 adorn the ankle. These shoes are so comfortable to wear, they also elongate the leg and give the illusion of a longer leg (which I find strange as ankle straps usually cut my leg in half?).

I first saw these on Kim Kardashain in the nude pair in 2014 and since then it was Love at First Sight.

kim in the nude Bomb shoes

I cannot recommend them enough. I can literally wear them to the park to dinner :). There are not many shoes that can multi task like this. 

The Bomb Sandal in Beige Patent

These Alaia shoes are almost like the Birkin of the shoe world though and are extremely hard to find. So if you are fortunate to find a pair, “buy now”. I am still on wait list for Nude in about 5 states 🙂 and I haven’t been able to land a pair as yet. Hopefully this season I will finally be able to receive them. In the meantime the black pair is my go to shoe for everything. 

La Fin X

Alaia & Self Portrait

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