Faith: Do it like Winnie The Pooh 

Look into your talents deep within and see where you can go from there

A recent article by a CNBC journalist Ryan Estis explored the notion of success and what is at the core of it. 
He states that often it is better to not know what’s in store in the future or the consequences. The abandonment of not acknowledging this certain action or outcome could prevent fear from emerging – that can actually discourage ventures into new avenues which prevents progress.  

He further enthuses that the only way forward is to people build and forge relationships which he advises is the only way to succeed.

He relates this back to the example of childhood and how as children we know nothing of the future and what it holds. In fact what we don’t know does not have any impression on us or discourage us from what we’re doing. But how we go about things we do not know. 

Open communication such as Talking, listening and discussing opinions are important traits in helping us in whatever we do in our lives. 

Childhood Mogul Pooh Bear

There is a book called the “The Yao od Pooh” book by Benjamin Hoff. It uses Winnie-the-Pooh as a Taoism Icon. It explains the simplistic forms of life that we choose to create and then we ourselves confuse this.

Based on the animation of book series by A.A Milne – Winnie the Pooh, Piglet and all their friends. Benjamin Hoff uses these strong personalities to break down our daily pre-conceived ideas of how we view life and tend to over analyse life challenges. From this we create  problems based on these past experiences.

The characters in the book are used as examples to help us determine which  personality trait we are and what we fall under and the reasons why and how we think like we do.

The Tao of Pooh

The Taoism approach is a religious, philosophical and ritual tradition of Chinese origin which emphasizes living in harmony with the Tao. It tends to emphasise the following forces: 

  • Wu Wi: “effortless action”; naturalness, simplicity, spontaneity

The Three Treasures:

  • Jing: the essence of the physical body
  • Q: “matter-energy” or “life force”, including the thoughts and emotions
  • Shen: Spirit or generative power 

He advises practical application of the Taoist methods on building a career.  Whereby you access and look deep into your talents and see where you can go from there.

Benjamin Hoffs series of books highlight our personality traits through Pooh Bear and Friends

He advises like Pooh and Nemo we should never go against an unfavorable situation by fighting it. Instead we should behave like Pooh Bear and go around it like Pooh. Less conflict allows you to go on smoothly in everyday life. 

I think that Exceptional life experiences happen when you are least expecting it. They are usually created through the art of spontaneity and not knowing what is around the corner. 

He further states that “Stress” is a by product of trying to “do more each day”. And to not lose the will to go on. The best approach is actually embedded in us from childhood through the films and characters we have watched and grown with. 

Remember “Finding Nemo?” Dory certainly nailed it when she says; “just keep on swimming!” No one can really know everything. Besides, it’s not necessary. Real wisdom lies in having the patience to live by day by day.  

Read Ryan’s Blog through this link:

Advice I Would Give My 22-Year-Old Self Today

La Fin X 

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