Faith: BIOY

Got questions? BIOY teaches you the bible through biblical passages each day

As Sunday is a day observed by Christians as a day of rest and religious worship. I thought it was great to discuss the bible in one year. The bible on one year is an app designed to teach the bible in a way that is understandable and translatable. It features a reading from the bible each day and highlights the new and Old Testament. Introduced in 2011 by the vicar at HTB church. Nicki Gumbell initially began the bible app with sending Daily Mail shots out to members of the HTB congreatgation. Since then the app has become so popular amongst Alpha members and now has a worldwide following.

HTB vicar Nicky Gumbell and his wife Pippa
How to Find Jesus
I highly recommend this app to everyone and anyone that is having difficulty with reading the bible or finds it hard to Understand and translate. Using case studies of actual people with accompanying passages and readings, it thereof makes its transferable in everyday life. It is also great to enhance and strengthen faith for those who already study the bible and older children. There is excellent commentary from Nicky Gumbell himself on the app which makes it more personalised and the way he speaks communicates directly to you.

All commentaries can be downloaded and synced to your phone

The app helps you to understand the bible in a method that has not been taught before. Each day you are sent a reading from the bible by Psalm, Hebrews and a translation in the Old and New Testament. It makes really easy reading and provides an underpinning knowledge of the bible and the meaning behind each reading. 

It only takes 10-15 minutes of your day to either listen or read the content. As all of the commentary can be synced to your phone you can listen it to anywhere. 

BIOY is available in the App Store

Download the app here:

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