What I learned: Filming with Monkey Kingdom with Barbie


On Fridays we wear Pink
Last week I was fortunate enough to be able to film a pilot for a new show. It was very interesting because it was about a certain person who is electic, funny and different who is considered a truth teller. The interesting part is that the there would be 4 other people blagging to be the part of that person and a lie detector man would have to tell who the real person is.

Would the real BARBIE please stand up
There was a set of girls and a a set of boys, it was really amazing going to spring studios in North London to be greeted by such wonderful staff. I arrived in a car approximitly at 8.30 for a day full of shooting. I was told upon arrival to come in and leave my ‘truth’ prop in the car…. 

My Barbie Box

My truth prop by the way is a giant barbie box that is like a party piece. I have a serious obsession with BARBIE and the way she was created and the brand and legacy that she leaves behind. It got me thinking more about Barbie and what a true legend she is. 
Barbie Creator Ruth Handler
The barbie story is actually quite intersting…Babrie was founded in 1959 by an entrprenuer business lady called Ruth Hadnell who used a german doll called Bild Lilli as inspriation on a trip to Europe. She created Barbie as she realized that the dolls her 2 daughters were playing with were child like dolls and a ‘representation of an infant’ realizing they would give the infant dolls adult roles, Barbie was born and the rest they say is history. 

original Barbie Bild Lilli

Can you remember your 1st experiences with Barbie and the toys and gadgets that came with her? I had the car   bike and motorbike and it was truely enchanting. I think Barbie has kind of lost her magic now…..

My 1st Barbie

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