Faith: The Power of Kaballah

Kaballah is an ancient belief system and education that has been around for 1000’s of years, first transmitted orally and using esoteric methods (including ciphers). It reached the height of its influence in the later Middle Ages and remains significant in Hasidis. Kaballah repopulated 20 years ago when it became associated in the press with many high profile people and celebrities who began to study Kabbalah. 

Kaballah is taught through many courses all over the world. These teachings are held by followers in Judaism to define the inner meaning of both the Hebrew Bible and traditional Rabbinic literature and their formerly concealed transmitted dimension, as well as to explain the significance of Jewish religious observances.

The kaballah is a powerful tool that is the mystical interpretation of the Bible. It is a great interpretation of biblical reasoning and faith. I believe it’s always great to never stop learning and to always educate yourself and open your eyes to the various faiths, religions and cultures that surround us. The teachings give you wisdom beyond your knowledge, it also enhances and embibes your belief system. To make any change in your life you have to seek what is at the core of the dynamical aspect of change. The kaballah acknowledges this through a system of beliefs and structures. 

Provided through a series of courses, books and courses. Kaballah provides the underpinning knowledge behind the bible and embibes a teaching that fulfills your vessel. When the world is not in equilibrium and you don’t have the answers, Kaballah can provide answers to everyday life. It teaches you what is behind the bible and how to navigate that. Which the bible can’t necessarily teach you.

Shabbat service is shared each weekend where the Zorah reading takes place and the breaking of Cholla Bread over dinner. Prayer and dinner is eaten together and the power of Kaballah is shared amongst friends, family and teachers. Kaballah offers courses of their teachings for adults and children. 

I have done various courses Kaballah 1 & 2 and have learned the aspect of incorporating Kabbalist methods into my daily life. I have found it profoundly refreshing and unlike anything I have studied before. For example last month I learnt about the importance of September in the Hebrew faith. The practice of Rosh Hashanah, the Jewish new year. It allows for you to plan your next year and allow for contingency planning; For the seeds of what you plant in September come to fruition throughout the year. 

Also whilst the Gregorian calendar is in 2016, the Hebrew calendar is moving into the year 5777.

Shabbat Shalom cleansing Dinner each week
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