Faith: Focus 2016 Summerly Estate

Focus is a Bi annual event arranged by a congregation of churches in England. It is a week where The families in the church comes together to celebrate God. 

Everyone comes together from all the churches to glorify God, eat and attend seminars. It’s a beautiful event held in a different location each year. This year sees the event being held in the grounds of the stately home The Summerly Estate. It is an event that can possibly change our lives for the better and make us feel the holy spirt. It is a time where you are filled with talks educating us all on how to be better people and so that we leave replenished and return to our lives enlightened by God and his power.

The weekend features many guest speakers. The guest speakers from my church are the honourable Nicki and Pippa Gumbell. Nicki is the vicar at HTB and pioneer of Alpha and his lovely wife Pippa heads some amazing groups at the church such as MOLO (mums of little ones) night. 

This is my first time at Focus. Having been at HTB for 10 years I have had some amazing experiences at the church and met some Amazing families and beautiful people. 

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