How to dress a Master: Childrens Formal wear & Dress Up

Be Bold.Be Elegant.Be Different.Be You.This is Style

Boys and Girls are extremely excited when they dress up. I have found some amazing places that do great clothes and costumes for children.

Little Bevan of London

Quality should always the main objective when looking for pieces that are effective and safe to wear. We all remember what happend to Claudia Winkleman whose infant daughter had a nasty accident as a result of wearing a synthetic Childrens costume that was flammable. I would always advise silks, cottons and 100% natural fabrics that are flame resistant and organic is great too. 

Nancy Vuu 2016
Dress by Nancy Wuu
I always use Little Bevan of London for celebrations and parties. They provide the most beautiful and exquisite traditional classic timeless Childrens pieces. They are handmade bespoke and Sarah colfer the owner can make anything and everything. They also have a great selection of vintage Start Rite shoes from 90’s Childrens specialist Anthea Moore Ede.

The Disney store also features some great outfits, just check the fabric compositions first to be safe. The storm Trooper outfit is beautiful.

Another luxury brand that I am obsessed with for children is Nancy Wuu. Nancy creates the most phenomenal outerwear for children. She creates Mary Antoinette inspired shapewear pieces and also incorporates Mummy and Me fantastically in her collections. I was fortunate to attend her show in New York recently and I was blown away by the eccentric and classic pieces. 

The Prince Charming Outfit by Little Bevan with vintage Start – Rite
Rachel Riley is also another company that does great affordable costumes and elegant clothes. They have a great soldiers costume that is great quality and is fun for dress up. They also do great fantasy dresses that are similar to Disney’s Elsa, each collection they do a great selection of princess dresses.

Little Bevan Prince Charming Range
You can also match pieces when you dress for an event. I personally love Gucci pin tucked shirts and you can pair this with any type of trousers. I really like silk handmade culottes as it accentuates the form and always looks elegant and classic.

My Favourite Family dress up captured by Miss Mariah
Gucci Shirt paired with Little Bevan cullottes
Nanci Wuu Mary Antoinette Dress
Nancy Vuu creates hand curated childrenswear and matching adultswear pieces
Vintage Anthea Moore Ed can be used for dress up for a Wizard of Oz theme or Alice on Wonderland
Little Bevan pageboy Outfits
Soldier Costume by Rachel Riley

Please find all the websites and links for my favorite Childrens outfits:

La Fin X


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