Global Careers Series: CABE Global African Confrence

Last week I attended The Regent’s Global Series. The series are a line in a series of events that will shine the spotlight on a range of global regions. Showcasing companies and career and business opportunities as well as highlighting cultural similarities and differences.

The first week began with the CABE delivering a presentation of the opportunities in Africa for graduates and entrepreneurs. For those unfamiliar The CABE is The centre for African Business Education. They are an organization who are the knowledge Bridge that connect Africa with the rest of the world.

The presentation highlighted the opportunities that Africa as a country can offer to nationals and expats.

The presentation was spearheaded by the great Kevin Grogba, a Regents alumni and the director of CABE Global. He spoke about the impact that Africa has on the business world. He spoke and encouraged students to take a career path in the African Global Market.

Kevin highlighted the political issues and the reasons behind expatriates choosing other counties in search of a better place to live. Due to preconceptions, perceptions and notions of Africa. 

The political issues, economic, social, and political problems has proved to hinder and discourages some foreigners from considering Africa as a destination to work, study, volunteer, or retire. 

The CABE are a foundation that help to assist those considering a career path to choose Africa. Africa is the second largest contingent so it does cover a broad range of countries, South Africa, Nigeria and Ghana to name the most popular.

There are a small number of foreigner who migrate for work to this underdeveloped continent that is in reality growing economically at a very rapid pace.

Most news reports is embargoed in relation to Africa to relate to war, poverty, political instability, economic problems, and the ongoing AIDS crisis. 

Therefore the CABE are an outlet providing education, courses and job opportunities to those wanting to discover, broaden their horizons and their knowledge. 

There is much more to discover and there is so much more the continent has to offer visitors and expatriates. 

If you have a general interest to work or study abroad the CABE offer The African Business Management course (ABM) is a British Management Qualification that develops critical thinking and analytical skills, instrumental in the progression of any organisation.

La Fin X 


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