Children’s world: Bath time Fun Scourer Nemos

Ever wondered how scourers could change your life? Well they can, a great way to make bath time fun, exciting and explorative is to incorporate something fun. Fish go with water and water go with fish and they make bath time super fun. 

I discovered a really cool way to make your own fish to make bath time super cool by making your own DIY Nemos. It is also a cheaper and healthier alternative to plastic ducks. All you need is the saver option scourers from Sainsbury’s and a pair of scissors.

Just cut around these into a fish shape. You can use a template if needed. But wait there even more supercool, as there also a great initiative to help clean the bath afterwards and imbibe some impeccable cleaning skills in your mini me.

It’s also an excellent sensory experience for babies and toddlers. But I would only recommend 3/4 and above for safety reasons. You also don’t have to cut into Fishshapes. You can try triangles, circles and square for a enhanced learning experience to make bath times extra special. My next scourer will be Peppa Pig shaped! 

La Fin X 

sainsburys sponge Scourers
Nemos Scourers


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