Children’s World: How to dress a Master 

For a boy navy is a great basic to start from. I would say chinos in Navy, to be worn winter and summer. Also a navy blazer and pullovers. These are the basics. And a range of white polo shirts – Gap easily do a lot of these as well as Polo Ralph Lauren. A business shirt in navy, pink, blue, green or checked or gingham in a range of colours and sizes- you don’t no want to waste money all on the same size. So I say 2 of the actual size your boy is, 2 of the next age up and next age up from that and so forth. This allows for growth and so they fit property and not to  tight.

Loafers dont always stay on

Blazers are extremely important- I purchased a Ralph Lauren tailored blazer when he was age 1 in a size age 3. And he can till wear this blazer today as we brought to allow for growth.

Classic culottes and fitted shirts

Now for shoes – depending on your lifestyle I really like Start Rite shoes. The models Charles and the model John are my absolute favorites. For girls I absolutely adore the ‘Clare’ shoe, I used to wear these when I was younger and having gifted these in the past, I have had good feedback. 

Polo Boat Shoes
I have had the Dior, Louis Vuitton, Gucci, and Other designer brands. And I must say after learning -the hard way may I add- I have learnt it’s the traditional prim and proper shoes that stand the test of time. I love an old fashioned loafer- but they don’t really stay on and are not always practical.

I think a child should look like a little one. Therefore I love tailored shirts, culottes and classic Chinos. 

The Charles Shoe

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