Children’s World: Flat Stanley

I have just spent an incredible week with Flat Stanley. We went went to the musuem, we baked, we cooked, we cleaned and he even accompanied me on my car journeys. Although being so flat he was at times hard to keep a hold of. He almost didn’t survive evening bath time either, luckily he was laminated. 

one of the many versions of Flat Stanley 

I have now sent him back and I do miss him. Flat Stanley is safely back home now after being an abiding guest in residence for 3 weeks.

Flat Stanley and I met only 3 weeks ago when I received him in the mail from my sons school. I was told to look after him safely and to record his journey with us and to take him to nice places so he could then go back to school with a journal of his trip.

Racing Cars

The project initiative is based on Stanley Lambchop who wakes up to discover that he has been flattened to the width of one-half inch. It is often a great convenience as a series of marvelous adventures derrive from his new smaller and thinner dimensions. 

Flat Stanley liked to bake pictured with the flour, sugar and other baking goods
For those unfamiliar Flat Stanley is an initiative to help literacy skills. It was created in 1995 based on the book ‘Flat Stanley’. 

Flat Stanley gets ready for bed
The Flat Stanley project features paper cut-outs based on the title character of the 1964 children’s book ‘Flat Stanley’. As a class the children read the book Flat Stanley before each child is encouraged to then create their own Flat Stanley. They personalize him and name their Flat Stanley after their own name. This cut out is then posted and sent away, in a stamped address envelope. 

Flat Stanley oversaw the whisking of our eggs as we made Chocolate Crepes

Flat Stanley was posted by his parents to his friend in California after being flattened by a bulletin board. Clear instructions to record and document Stanley’s journey through pictures are included within the envelope.

Flat Stanley visits the Science Museum
Flat Stanley sometimes visits the White House on occasion
1964 book written by Jeff Brown

Based on this book, the project is a tool to help children with their reading, writing and to cultivate a wide knowledge of travel, places and people. I believe that it is great because it also reevaluates the old school fashion values of posting a letter and the concept of mail. That is slowly dying out due to electronic mail.   

You can try this project with friends and family all over the world with old fashioned post method. 

Flat Stanley now has his very own app, featuring Stanley and Stella so it has never been a better time to get to share this amazing journey with Stanley. The Flat Stanley Project has been made much easier to participate in with the introduction of the App. You can now take pictures of your own Flat Stanley and share them with the world.

What I want to know is whether or not Flat Stanley ever returned to a normal size? Well we’re about to find out as I just ordered the book on Amazon and myself and the Master can’t wait to find out 🙂

I hope all school projects are as fun and engaging as this. Download the Flat Stanley app at the App Store.

Flat Stanley App
La Fin X 


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