How to dress a Master : Barron Trump

So I am totally obsessed with Barron Trump. Why? Because since birth he has owned his own space and style. He pairs cashmere knits with jeans, blazers and brogues Epitomizing the modern day boy.

Baron in camel and cream ovecrcoat
Barron’s day to day wardrobe consists of tailored suits, overcoats, cashmere cable knits and Blazers in an array of colours. He pairs these with Loafers, sneakers and boat shoes. Apparently Barron loves helicopters, planes and nice dress clothes. 

Baron likes to play Golf with his father
Barron in his signiture staple – A Black Overcoat
Barron supposedly prefers suits over sweatpants and has exquisite tastes and he loves to play golf. His wardrobe reflects his intrests and his lifestyle hobbies. He also has a nickname ‘Little Donald’ which he may regret later 🙂

Baron photographed as a baby with his mother Melania Knauss
Barron was born with a silver Tiffany spoon in his mouth in Manhattan on 20th March 2006, Despite his age no one can TRUMP his style not even his siblings. Of course having a gorgeous stylish mother Role model in Melania Knauss may have helped:).

Barron has a passion for Planes & Helicopters
Melania states that being a mum to Barron is her most important job ever.  When he is in school she does meetings, sketches, and everything else. 

Baron playing Golf
But when he is home she she cooks him breakfast, brings him to school, picks him up and prepares his lunch. It shows as not every spawn of the future US president has quite got the je ne se qui that Baron enhabits.

Age 2 wearing a navy overcoat
We havent seen this epic miniature style since JFK junior set up his crib in residency at The White House. Barron is emulating and echoing the Late honorable John Fitzjerald Kennedy Jnr style and immaculate grooming. This has yet surpassed by any First family Children since the 1960’s. 

JFK junior with his father JFK

Barron and his Lion at The Trump Towers
His grace, etiquette and style is mirrored by his Ivy League swag. Barron has no doubt been prepped to be centre stage to take his dad’s crown if he hasn’t done so already, it’s just a matter of time.

Playing Dress Up
Baron teams a blazer and Jeans with Nikes
Baron wears a cream cashmere vest teamed with simple white polo shirt
Barrons off duty wardrobe consists of navy khakis teamed with a white polo shirt
Camel Blazer paired woth Cashmere polo jumper and a Dylans Candy Bar
Barron now 10 wears an array of tailored suits
Barron with his parents at a democratic convention in 2016
Barron is ready for the boardroom and he’s only 10.

Barron Trump

La Fin X


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