Instyle: Bows

Bows are extremely in fashion and on trend right now. The democratic conventions have seen a lot of controversy. 

Melania in Roksanda

But one thing that is evidently clear is that the bow is in full swing this season. Melania Trump has officially trumped the world with her style and her love for the pussy bow.

Pairing your pussy bow with a pencil skirt empasizes the waist

Her style is power. And the colours she is choosing are sharp colours. Bright Jewel colours – I will post about my obsession with Melanias fashion soon. Even if Donald Trump is not winning, Melania certainly is. 

Trump wearing head to toe Gucci

I am gradually learning how to incorporate the bow into my wardrobe. I have started with incorporating it in my hair 🙂 

easy to incorporate a bow in your wardrobe by starting simple and easy to accesorize

Pussy bows have been around for years, with our actual Margaret Thatcher being ahead of her time making the pussy her signature staple.

The Iron Lady

If you want to start with a bow, you could do like me and just try a simple ribbon in your hair. As I know the thought of pussy bow shirts can be quite daunting. 

Bow in hair looks simple, classic and projects feminity

La Fin X 

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