Fashionista: Preserving your treasured Luxury pieces 

Champagne & Macaroons whilst shopping is always great

We all love our beautiful luxury pieces. Therefore it is imperitive to look after them right.

Tips for looking after your treasured pieces:

  1. Keep all bags stuffed. Always stuff your luxury goods to retain their shape
  2. Try to put them in their original boxes
  3. Visit handbag clinic for detoxing your bag. They make your bags look brand new
  4. All pencils and pens in pencil cases
  5. Keep them dust free in their original bags 
  6. Don’t use bags day to day – change it up. 
  7. Make your leather shine by rubbing baby oil into the leather 
  8. Keep them out of sunlight !
  9. Keep vernis Leather away from othercolored items or leathers. The patent always absorbs other dyes and colour
  10. Shop for Vintage pieces that are  extremely rare, well made and hold value.


Detox and Refresh your bags at The Handbag clinic

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