Instyle: Getting Dressed- Kids parties & The School Run

Victoria Beckham makes the school run look effortless

People often don’t know until they become a parent or a mother- the importance of the school Run. It is the impending role that every parent will either love or loathe. 

Nude Alaia Booties accesorized with Vintage Peppa Pig Lunchbox
This has been a steady realization – I have come to encounter in the last couple of years. I never realized that once you have a child you couldn’t just get out of bed and run your child to their destination. I have learnt through many birthdays, meetings and school runs the importance of this. So let’s be clear when mummies do the school run I have learnt – that you either go back to basics or you just go all the way out. Going all the way back to basics I suggest a great fitting gym kit- and in all black. Trainers I always think NIKE are the most comfortable and practical. The Rosche design of trainer is simple and can be worn everywhere. A bag can be a simple Chanel WOC (wallet on chain). I like to either throw on a nice 3/4 overcoat to mask the fact I am wearing a gym kit or a nice fur gilet.

Minks are easy to wear on the school run and easy to mantain making them kid friendly
Now as we are approach the winter months and coming into a new and colder season you can now whip out your Minks, Fox and Rabbit Furs.

Belted Mink Fur paired with Isabel Marant boots and Louis Vuitton clutch
Jeans and a shirt with classic boots and flats are also great. I know a young mummy who nails this look so well thrown together with a Kelly bag. Also don’t forgot your sunglasses. If you are going all the way out I suggest a blazer or long overcoat. Balmain do great for both or Zara. I have so much respect now for my own mother who always made me look fabulous as a child and made herself look equally amazing with pearls, navy raincoats and riding boots. My mother always looked groomed and fabulous.

For birthday parties I highly suggest you research the location of where your attending. 

Cavalli at The Dorchester Kids Party

You don’t want to turn up in a ball gown to Gambadoo likewise you don’t want to end up at The Dorchester in your tracksuit (unless their cashmere of course).

I think you cannot go wrong if you are attending a restaurant or Hotel gathering in a nice pair of espadrilles or a 100m Christian louboutin is comfortable if you choose a heel. A simple silk skirt or jeans with a polo neck / V-neck. For shoes you can never go wrong with a Chanel shoe – any heel hight- Ballets, heels and espadrilles. They are extremely comfortable and they just always miraculously work.

Whatever it is you can now make the school run your runway.

1. Overcoat:  Lanvin, French connection and ZARA

2. Shoes: Chanel, Alaia, Louboutin (100mm) Anything or Nike sneakers or Riding Boots

3. Gym kit: GAP and Addidas Stella McCartney 

4. Skirts : EBay or vintage Works well

5. Dresses : Hobbs, Goat, Self Portrait, Alaia or trusty Zara 

6. Hats: Jaeger and Zara 

7. An essential Leather Jacket !!! A style staple

Nike Airs in silver – my easy glam trainers


Patent Chanel pumps paired with a trusty Balmain Blazer

La Fin X 

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