Children’s World: Marge in Charge 

Actress and Mummy Isla Fischer was in London to promote her Amazon Best Selling book “Marge in Charge”. Personally invited to a private book Signing at Harrods- Master Jabin was invited to meet Isla and get his book signed. The book is based on the stories that Isla tells her own children. The book is about a mischievous nanny who likes to make a mess and bend the rules. Marge has rainbow colored hair and likes to cook chocolate soup. She likes to be a musician and create chaos in the playground. 

Signed copy of ‘Marge in Charge’ from Isla
The book is refreshing from the usual children’s book and offers excellent visuals of Marge Provided by Eglantine Ceulemans. The book is also I think quite refreshing and interesting from any children’s book. It’s USP is that parents can actually have a laugh too if you are hiring a nanny or had help before with children. This book can definitely respond with any parent. 

Marge visuals provided by Eglantine Ceulemans

The book is great and I love reading it to Master Jabin when he is chaotic. When he realizes Marge Is in charge, he is tired and falls straight to sleep.
The book is divided into 3 separate stories; 

  1. Marge Babysits
  2. Marge at The Birthday Party
  3. Marge at Large in School 

The book is based on the Button family who have 2 children Jake & Jemima. Slightly reminiscent of Mary Poppins. 

We are halfway through the book at this time and will update this post later to let you know what else happens when Marge is in Charge🙈


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