Shoe Candy: Lucy Choi Shoes 18 Connaught Street

Lucy Choi is the owner and creator of the newest luxury shoe brand in London right now. Hot on the heels of where her uncle Jimmy Choo left off.

Lucy has created an uber cool luxury shoe range that demonstrates edge, creativity and class. The store opened in 2015 at the iconic location : 18 Connaught Street, London, exactly the same location her uncle opened his boutique in 1996. 

The boutique is adorned with Chandeliars, crystals, La Dipitique candles and beautiful shoes of course. 

With recent press coverage in Hello, Vogue and Grazia. Lucy Choi is carving out a clear presence and a strong brand DNA for herself. The shoes are designed with comfort, style and a Choo DNA is evident throughout the collection.

Lucy Choi personally assists her clients

Some of the styles are reminiscent of her uncles work such as the ‘Null’Bootie. Or the beige suede booties.

The store is equipped with a private room for trying on shoes. The assistants are also extremely helpful and there are Fotnum & Mason Goodies whilst you try.  

Pretty Shoes, Pretty shoes and more Pretty Shoes


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