Fashionista: Christian Siriano

“It is an incredible honor to have such an amazing woman wear one of my creations. I am in absolute awe.” Christian Sirano


Monday 25th July saw Lady Obama deliver an incredible speech that absolutely rocked the democratic convention. Ignoring the unfolding dramas of the unapologetic plagiarism performed by Ms Trump that unfolded last week.

Lady Obama delivered on all levels. Stating she resided in a house that slaves ‘built’ and that she believed a woman president could perhaps conquer ‘the best country’ on the earth. The audience stood in ovation and I realised this will be sadly one of the last speeches Miss Obama will deliver as her role as the The First Lady to the United States, my eyes were drawn to how Miss Obama is so extremely elegant, poised and so frightfully intelligent – the absolute triple threat.

Lady Obama showcased new designer Christian Sirano. He is an american designer who won ‘Project Runway’ in 2008. An avid follower of fashion design and musical theatre, christian studied Ballet and as a musical theatre kid decided to pursue a carer in fashion. He was washing hair at a salon last age 13 and began sewing clothes for the annual hair shows at the salon. He was initially turned down by the fashion institute of Technology and came to study the old AIU university that is now funnily enough a brand extension of Regents University. He has tried his hand at make up artistry, hairdressing and sewing. His line now comprises of ready to wear and specially made couture pieces specialising in wedding dresses.

The dress he made for Lady Obama was designed for her specially for the democratic convention in a Royal Blue. He is now the go to for all celebrities doing the Red Carpet.He has clothed Solange Knowles, Lady Gaga, Nicki Minaj and now Ms Obama has catapulted him to worldwide success.

flowers tulle glamour

Siranos USP to his brand is that he does not discriminate: Unlike other reality stars, Mr. Siriano has built his career on being inclusive: on catering to women regardless of size or age.

Ms Obama your Intellect, knowledge, wisdom and Intelligence will be sorely missed. Sirano has now cemented himself as the newest king of the fashion world by adorning the Lady with a speech that will go down in Democratic History.

You can take the girl out of the White House but you can’t take the White House out the Girl.

Sirano in his eclectic Chelsea Manhatten apartment 

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