Eye Candy: Victoria Beckham Maxi Dress 

Every once and a while you find a dress that is extremely versatile. One can you can take from the beach to the office to dinner. Victoria Beckham created this Maxi dress for her 2015 collection. She actually wore the dress to a Claridges in 2014 to give Diane Von Futenaburg an award. 

Made of an exquisite crepe- the dress came in black and cream. My person favorite is the cream as it is truly stunning on whilst the black is great for my conservative events. 

The dress can be worn to the beach but then to a black tie event too. 

The dress features a leather strap on the halterneck and a detachable belt. The design of the dress actually reminds me of Gucci circa 90’s where a lot of horse corsage and belts and leather were used to accentuate bags, belts and dresses.

The dress is sadly not available anymore but if you look at consignment stores such as The Real and Buy My wardrobe you maybe able to find these pieces still.


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