Iconic: The Beverly Hills Hotel

“You can take the girl out of Beverly Hills, but you can’t take the Beverly Hills out of the girl” – Kim Richards

Red Carpet Arrival
Once a year I love to visit my favourite hotel. The famous Beverly Hills hotel. The Hotel California.

 I first discovered this gem of a hotel in 2012 when I went there for the most amazing salad in the world “The Mcarthy Salad”. I sat by the pool at the Cabanas and had my first taste- I have been hooked ever since.

The Mcarthy Salad mixed with the house balsamic dressing

The McCarthy Salad prior to mixing
The hotel is a blend of 50’s and 60’s glamour combined with a modern twist. The hotel has kept everything vintage whilst restoring its natural beauty. The hotel has 3 restaurants: The Diner, The Cabanas and The Polo Lounge. Each restaurant differsBut the menu remains the same. The breakfast for children is the Mickey Dollar Pancakes and for adults I love the fresh cold pressed juices oh and an Ipad.

Breakfast at the Polo Lounge

Welcome Ducks and an Aperitif

my welcome champagne
The diner is authentic and has hardly been touched since the days Betty Gable used to sit and order her MacArthy.

Beautiful Manicured Gardens s
Whilst the Polo Lounge is forever Hollywood and Simply breathtaking. The Jay Z ‘Hollywood’ song defines this dining experience for me:)

VIP Cards
Upon check in and arrival at the hotel you are always greeted with the warmest welcome from all staff. Whether new or old – you are always welcome. It is also extremely child friendly- you are given a VIP card for all little ones to have unlimited fresh juices and sodas 🙂 you are also given an abundance of pink prosthetic ducks for pool time.

How many Ducks can one Master handle
Upon check in I have always been greeted with a lovely bottle of Rose Champagne in my room and a lovely greeting card.

Brunch at The Polo Lounge with the beautiful Zoe
The good old “Theres no place like Home” feeling always springs to mind. And I always want to tap my Jimmy Choo wedges 3 times to just check that it is all in fact real.The Cabanas are situated by the pool and have an excellent poolside Menu with a beautiful pool and jacuzzi restored again from its natural original state and beauty.

waking up in Beverly Hills is hard but somoene has to do it
The jacuzzi is extremely hot and the pool is extremely cold. But what is super cool is that if you swim underwater there is old fashioned Hollywood music played under the water.

looking for Mermaids in The Beverly Hills Pool

Mickey Dollar Pancakes in the Diner
The hotel is situated on sunset Boulevard, close to the amenities of Rodeo Drive. When the was built the land was almost bare. The Beverly Hills Hotel, also called The Beverly Hills Hotel and Bungalows. It is one of the world’s most iconic and best-known hotels. It is also associated with Hollywood film stars, rock stars and celebrities. It is a hotel that actually has a no paparazzi policy which means that all paparazzi are breaking the law if on the property.

The hotel has 208 guest rooms and suites, and 23 bungalows, each designed in the peachy pink and green colors which are a trademark of the hotel.

“I took my daily swim at the Beverly Hills Hotel pool despite the presence of onlookers”

Esther Williams

Esther Williams at The Iconic Pool

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