Eye Candy: The Azelea Dress

The last 2 years has seen the introduction of a dress designer called Self Portrait. Mr Self Portrait – as he likes to be addressed on Instagram is an alumni of St Martins Lane.

Malaysian born Han Chong Launched his brand in 2013. His goal was to create pieces that are special yet accessible and to provide an accessible Women’s Contemporary collection. Beyoncé is an avid wearer of the collection.

The Military Cape Dress worn by Beyonce to the tennis this year
At the Trotters party paired with espadrilles
Arguably the most coveted piece from his collection has to be the ‘Azelea’ dress.

The dress is made of Guipuiere lace and cinches into the waist with a bodice that is almost corseted as it pulls you in, finished by spaghetti straps on the shoulders.

I have nearly all the dresses in the collection and highly reccomend them for everything- any occasion and holidays for many reasons.

  1. Easily wearable
  2. Don’t crease- easy to unpack and hang
  3. They accentuate the waist
  4. Look like a prec couture dress
  5. The are cut beautifully to the body

I have never seen such a versatile and friendly and forgiving dress. The dress looks amazing on everyone and every body shape. The dress also gives the illusion that it is much more expensive tham than it actually is. I also have never had so many compliments on a dress!

obligatory Selfie at Nobu Park Lane
The dresses come in array of colours although you must get them if you like them fast ! The colours sell really fast.

The dresses can be worn for any occasion- birthdays, Children’s parties and events. There are so versatile.

La Fin X


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