Masterpiece 2016

Masterpiece is the capitals leading fair for antiques, art and design. It is held once a year in Chelsea London. It is an amazing orbit of knowledge and expertise. Held each year in July at the Royal Hospital Chelsea. 

Claude Monet featured by Trinity House

International collectors and representatives of the worlds greatest museums come together. This is where you can find vintage Picasso, Claude Monet and The big art pieces. All of the art is on consignment. 

Nicki Tibbles provides luxurious flowers – Wild at Heart
Mary Queen of Scotts

Trinity house an international art dealership that specializes in impressionist, post- impressionist, modern British and 19th century work featured a beautiful Claude Monet masterpiece priced at a hefty £4.5 million.

Another of the exhibitors I particularly liked was S.J Phillips. The showcase had vintage Cartier from the 1920’s. After speaking with Mr Phillips himself about jewelry. 

Mr Phillips stated that today’s Cartier quality is not the finest. The old Cartier from the 1920’s – 1940’s curated the most exceptional and special pieces that we see today.

 These was worn by royalty and movie stars. These are the pieces that today are worth their weight in gold. Pieces started from £300,000.

Diamond Set Cascade Brooch 1925

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