The Frick Musuem 

Whilst in New York and after lunch at Nellos 3 blocks down I was fortunate to visit The amazing house of Henry Clay Frick. His house has been turned into a Musuem. Henry, a Coke and steel magnate was an avid art collector and entrepreneur who amassed this amazing collection of art. He collected European sculpture, porcelain and decorative art.  

The Musuem opened up the doors for sketchers and art enthusiasts. The house is incredible with Tiffany coloured damask lined walls and hundred Ma of gold framed art – the art was I toxiacating and breathtaking. The art featured was Rembrandt, Bellini, Gainsbourgh, Whistler and Vermeer.


The Garden Court
Since his death in 1919 the Musuem opened in 1935 and has continued to acquire more art under Mr Fricks name. 

life drawing and sketchers

The museum has a reference library which is funded by Henry Flick daughter Helen Clay Frick who passed in 1984.

The mansion is breathtakingly beautiful and gives you a true taste of one of the most important collections of fine art in the world.


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