An evening with Cindy Crawford

“Be interested and be interesting”

“Beauty is a combination of passion and confidence”

“It is okay to be human”.

The first Friday in October I was Lucky enough to be able to be able to listen to the supermodel Cindy Crawford talk about her incredible life.

We all know Cindy Crawford as the model and the Brand but it was interesting to see the brains behind it all. She was also launching her brilliant new book Becoming Cindy.

Growing up I knew her as this amazing beautiful model but to actually hear her speak on 1st hand experiences  on issues such as growing up in the industry and how she managed herself, the evolution of the changing industry due to social media, family life and her entrepreneurship were simply beautiful.

Crawford came from a small town DeKalb Illinois in the USA and entered modelling at what she deemed as “old” at the grand age of 20. Her agents had had the supermodel Gia on her books who had just died from an overdose. So Cindy was coined “little Gia”.

Cindy spoke of her moment in the spotlight and the special bond she had with the other supermodels had felt special at the time but didn’t actually realise until today how special it was ( Especially the George Michael video for freedom, it made her salary skyrocket the next day).

I was absolutely obsessed with Cindy as a child as my mother owned the books and videos. I also thought that she was the real life Cindy doll. I remember finding the Cindy Crawford workout videos and getting the kitchen chair out and bottles of water to use as Dumbells to emulate her. She was an absolute star in her time, and defines the word supermodel.

The businesswoman

Crawford made it clear that she knew from a young age that the industry was there to take from her and to use her as a product so she knew that she too would use them. A relationship that worked two way rather than one way.

She also stated that when she launched a product or a business venture it was because she loved to share her knowledge. With her workout video she loved to train with her trainer Radu. She didn’t think she would have a book or a skincare line and that every business opportunity happened organically as she was open to opportunities.


When she has conversations with her friends or her “mummy friends” she loves to constantly learn and what she learns she likes to share (her Dr Segbah range grossed $200 million dollars last year alone) and she doesn’t put her name to anything she is not 100 % passionate about. Crawford states that she doesn’t just do projects to make money she does things with a passion and puts her soul into when asked about making another workout video in the future.

She spoke about how her relationships with brands such as Omega watches who she has been working with for 20 years had given her opportunities such as representing them at the Olympics with her daughter and how she cherished these relationships as she had grown with the brand.

Body Image

When asked about her physique and the model body she had at the time of being curvy. She stated that the body then was to be of an athletic shape and curvy. I think her body personifies the body of the ultimate supermodel. When the waif look took over the supermodel look Crawford stated that she didn’t think it was cool to look unhealthy without sleep for 4 days with a cigarette hanging out of ones mouth.

Cindy also stated that the way to keep healthy was to sleep lots, drink water and work out! She loves to Hike with girlfriends and walks for 1 hour a day anr although she hates going to the gym she loves the feeling it gives her afterwards 🙂

She stated the ultimate girls girl by stating that we as women are so very hard on ourselves and so accepting and appreciating of other woman’s beauty that we pick out our own flaws but notice others people beauty.
Be open to opportunities 

I liked the fact that she mentioned her risqué photoshoot with playboy and that although her parents didn’t approve at the time she made getting naked an art form and totally defied the odds of what playboy magazine stands for and the connotations linked to being a playboy cover model.

She was actually warned that she would get no credential modelling work after doing playboy but in fact it opened many doors such as Pepsi commercials and got her a gig as a presenter on MTV house of style.

Because she had say over what shots were used and how she was portrayed she got a lesser fee for this playboy cover. Cindy said she would rather the control than the fame or money. She later stated that she would make playboy make up for this for the second shoot in 1998 with a hef-tier pay cheque ( like what I did :>)

Social media

Crawford emphasised her envy at how social media is a great platform today for models and how it has played a part in changing the way models communicate to their fans and are perceived in the media, which she wishes she had had in her time. This I find quite surprising because I find what the models of the 90s had were elusivity and remained mysterious. Something we miss today on a whole.

If you have nothing nice to say don’t say it!

Cindy Crawford was extremely upset with the social media trolling that’s going on today. The fact that people actually sit behind a screen and type nasty things. She stressed that the young models of today like Gigi Hadid are young professional women doing their job and people have to be conscious of this.

I was particularly perturbed when Crawford stated people had been leaving nasty comments left on her 14 year olds Instagram and how Twitter and social media trolling has to STOP and said that if you have nothing nice to say don’t say it at all.

I loved the way she spoke about her life and how she is looking forward to the now and the future and although how she looks back at old photos and her younger self she wouldn’t want to be that girl again.

Being a mother

Crawford emphasised that with having children in today’s world it is important to enhance your children’s abilities and to mention how good they do something rather than “oh your so cute”. To also demonstrate to them what hard work is by leading by example.

When speaking of her closet and clothes she said her little girl likes to try her old clothes on and once she did that Kaia had killed the moment for her and that she could have it. As the memory of wearing it herself had been ruined seeing her 14 year old wearing it.

This made me laugh as Crawford definitely still has it and doesn’t look a day over 25.



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