Spotlight LFW 2015: The Kristian Aadnevik Fashion Show

  Having been to many fashion weeks over the past few years it is so resounding when you see a show that communicates a vision and a style that sustains an identity throughout its show and its brand. From the location to the music, the dresses, the energy, the show is breathtaking and a creative soiree for anyone who loves fashion. 
The Kristian Aadnevik London show held at the beautiful Horseguards location just by Buckingham palace does not fail to impress. You feel like a princess approaching the location. You know that you are preparing for something special. The building is a grade 2 listed building with high ceilings, red velvet and glamour it is very king louis (Mary Anotintte would be proud). There is not tent or any corny LFW protestesters outside. The event is sleek and sophistiacated with a champagne reception prior to the show where you meet clients, family of Aadevenik and bloggers eager for another great show. 

Unless you have been under fashion remorse for the past deccade you would have seen the great Kristian Aadvenik designs on popstars such as Nicole Schewinzger, Cheryl Cole and Beyonce. In fact almost all of 2008 to 2011 X Factor was a who’s wearing what Aadvenkik dress as a promotional stage for Aadevenik designs.

Norweign born Aadnevik is an interesting designer in the fact that he is norweign and has made quite an impact on English soil with his designs and he has clothed some of the most beautiful women in the word. 

He is not into self promtion unless its to promote his brand or his infintive hard work which I admire from such a talented designer. Having met him several times through a close acquaintance I can say he is very humble for all his successes. 

His designs are extremely theatrical and I would say very eastern european inspired and influenced i.e his designs require rigorous exercise. They are skimpy, sexy and cut in all the right places. Think Roberto Cavalli when he first launched but racier and edgier. His collection usually revolves around cocktail dresses and he incorporates a lot of fur in his winter designs.   


Although Aadvenik is not stocked in commerially in department stores as yet which I find makes him more compelling and equally so much more appealing to watch than all the mass produced clothing and ready to wear designers today, who most start organically off like Jimmy Choo the cobbler to the now mass produced and not so well designed Jimmy Choo we know today. I can appreciate his craft from the design process model that he adapts to his business and his brand. 


Aadvenik has kept his retail experience very couture, private and personalised. Having been to the Advenik design studio myself in knightsbridge (what was I thinking going right after having a baby ??) Aadevenik works from a workshop attached to his home where he curates and creates all pieces himself from sketching to pattern cutting to actually making the gamrent and fitting it onto his client to fit their exact   measurement. To experience his work ethic first hand and to see him manage all of this I find truely inspiring. 

I must say though my favourire part of the show is when Aadnevik closes the show with his adorable little boy silva and Hila Bitton Aadnevik. 

I look foreward to the Kristian AAdvenik show tonight. Let the curtains rise 🙂

London Fashion Week 2015


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