Children in Dubai 

There are many things to do whilst in Dubai for adults and children. The nightlife is great for adults as is the food. 

I find it especially important when travelling with a little traveler to have an itinery and agenda packed for them as well as for the adult this is because otherwise they will be restless which inturn affects your journey on vacation.

One of my favourite things to do when in Dubai is to enjoy the tax free shopping. The Dubai mall has a great place called Caboodle which is literally my savior here. It is a haven for children on the 3rd floor of the Dubai Mall.

It features a play area for children to stay by themselves and toys, hair products and a food area for the babies to eat. it also has a super cool vintage pop corn machine, my son kept asking me for ‘props corn’ 🙂


There is also a very great childrens shop around the corner called Sacoor Brothers that features loafer in literally every colour, leather and gender. Think Ralph Lauren but a bit more hipper. They also have a photo booth, jelly bean machine and an espresso machine for the tired mummies :). My son had a blast in the super cool tent and loved playing with the toy aeroplanes and the other children in the store.

Another option if you have little girls is the Hello Kitty salon that is also based on the 3rd floor of the mall. It is abeautiful parisian themed salon that is just breathtakingly stunning featuring treatments and hairdressing. 

One market Dubai has definitly cornered is the childrens market. Most of the childrens shops are equipped to deal with children and the Dubai mall is definitly prepped to handle a long hard day shopping. 


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