Tips for a great Children’s party

From my last post I will give you tips on how to arrange a great kids party at home, on location or outside.

  1. Theme Always choose a theme as the centre of your event or party and work everything around this. It is great because it also involves a uniform for the kids to wear to go with the theme which is extra fun. It also provides a great way to find ideas for cake design and leads the path host the perfect event.
  2. Invitations make sure you are clear and concise of location 
  3. Props find something such as a crown or piece that is vocal, outlandish and will make your VIP feel so special.
  4. Entertainment Make sure your guests are always entertained and there never bored using background music or by hiring a singer to sing some children’s songs
  5. Introduce always make sure your guests are introduced to each other so there’s never a silence or awkwardness in the room… I alway find I can match people similarities and introduce them to people I know they will have a fun time with throughout the duration of a party. I also make sure there is always a family member on hand who knows faces and names and they can do this for you if you are running about
  6. Refreshments make sure when your guests arrive they are greeted with a drink and a great welcoming. It breaks the ice on many levels. Whether it’s a juice for the children and an elderflower press or a champagne cocktail on arrival make sure your guests feel loved, safe and happy.


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