Planning an Incredible children’s Birthday Party

Having a little boy makes it almost impossible to avoid the prospect of another kids party. I find it intriguing going to children’s parties as I genuinely love the fun excitement and the joys of seeing children happy and having fun. In fact now every time I leave the house now on a saturday or a cake is in the house my son says ‘parteeee’.

Screen Shot 2015-07-25 at 14.07.36
The Pavillion suites fireplace adorned with the ‘sweetie table’
One of the things I find very difficult when planning a party for this age is that I want the adults to bond and share the feelings of excitement and happiness together- it is very important. I have found that most children parties are catered purely towards children and this can be quite isolating for a parent. Therefore I always try to make sure my mummies are entertained as much as the children. These can be simple things such as tweaking the old fashioned parties and swapping things like a clown for a performer or singer, swapping palettes of sandwiches for a palette of sushi (all mummies know we don’t like CARBS) this can add a touch of glamour to your kids party.

Cupcake? yes please Mr guardsman
So organising an oh so excellent party and adventure for my son and his friends on his recent birthday was fascinating to say the least…. the truth was it was extremely stressful! FYI do not ever leave anything to the last moment but try to have a happy medium whereby your not planning 8 weeks in advance but I reccomend a 2-3 week window.

The famous cardboard castle
The famous cardboard castle

My sons birthday literally took a week to plan, left in the hands of Mr Mark Niemerko the go see man in London for all swanky party events. He thinks of the imaginable and beyond and really does make dreams happen (at a premium price I might add). My mother is a fantastic instigator and fixed an amazing meeting with the FIXER of the most amazing children’s parties.

Our meeting with Mr Niemerko was interesting to say the least… over tea at the beautiful Dorchester Hotel our meeting ended with Corgis, Guardsman waiters and crowns for every mini me. We would also be having the patron of Niermerko kids a little Princess named Ruby Grace attending in Oscar De La Renta and using a penthouse suite designed by Oliver Messel. I knew we were in for a little adventure

The Pavillion room prepared for the Master and his friends
The Pavillion room prepared for the Master and his friends

Mr Niemerko provided a kids entertainer, crowns for all the little guests and an amazing array of sweetie tables and treats for the beautiful babies, it was such a bella day and it made me realise how important it is to make each milestone in a childs life special. The thing that the kids loved the most was a cardboard castle that was highly effective.

The most beautiful party

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